Your Pet’s Wellness Visit

At every wellness visit, we start with you—asking questions about any changes in your pet’s behavior and talking about any concerns you may have. This is important not only for assessing your pet’s health, but for your pet, too! As we engage with you, it gives your pet time to get used to us, realize we are not a threat, and then make the first move to approach us. Beginning this way helps set your pet at ease and gives them a sense of control.

Next, we will address the following to assess their health:

  • Nose-to-tail physical exam
  • Vaccinations if needed
  • Fecal exam to check for internal parasites
  • Blood work or other diagnostics as needed
  • Nutrition counseling if needed

Life Stage Care

While the above list is a general account of what any pet’s exam could look like, pet wellness care does change with age and we change our exams to suit your pet’s needs accordingly.

Puppy & Kitten Care

At the beginning of their lives, puppies and kittens are vulnerable to disease and parasites. Many of them are born with worms, but deworming treatment rids them of these intestinal parasites. Additionally, puppies and kittens have weak immune systems, so we will establish a vaccination schedule at your first visit to make sure they build up the immunities they need to sustain a healthy life. We may also talk to you about spay and neuter options for your pet.

Adult Pets

Adulthood is typically the most active time in a pet’s life. They’ll require adequate nutrition as well as parasite prevention to keep them protected during their romps outside. What’s more is their vaccinations will need to stay up-to-date to ensure no lapse in their immunity. Yearly pet wellness care for them is usually enough to keep them in tip-top shape.

As pets grow older, their needs change again. As a senior pet, their diet will likely need to be adjusted to avoid weight gain and obesity. They may also require supplements or pain medications to deal with the aches of old age. Many older pets develop degenerative conditions such as arthritis and may need to be on pain medication for the long-term and regular laser therapy may help them, too. Senior pets can also develop issues much more rapidly so seeing us at least every year, if not more often, is highly recommended.

Is your pet due for a check-up? Schedule an appointment online or give us a call to set it up! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Geriatric Care

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